X-Men: Destiny E3 2011 Preview [Shogun Gamer]

Ian Fisher writes: Unlike other games that have the X-Men moniker, X-Men: Destiny hasn’t exactly set the world on fire since it was announced late last year at the New York Comic Con. The concept of an original X-Men game that isn’t based on a comic book arc, cartoon or movie does sound appealing, but there was something about the game that just seemed off-putting. In addition to the somewhat underwhelming nature and initial first reveal of X-Men: Destiny, the fact that Silicon Knights (Too Human) was developing the game really didn’t help the case of the game in the keen eyes of core gamers. To some people it was easy write off X-Men: Destiny in a slightly unjustified way but after seeing the game in action at E3 I think some of our initial feelings have been justified.

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