Halo: Anniversary's Kinect Integration - What Can We Expect?

Halo Anniversary just got confirmed to be using Kinect integration. With that in mind, Gamer Gaia delve into some possibile Kinect Integration that might be coming in the remake of an Xbox classic.

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GregoryAllen2316d ago

I think I'll expect to pull out my old copy of Halo and play that.

honestpizza2316d ago

I want to say I will like this, but i have so many fond memories of LAN parties with this title that I would hate to ruin them with a new iteration of this title.

TheFodi2316d ago

I don't think I would trust a motion sensor for competitive online FPS play.

pungello882316d ago

Yeah, I'm not sure I like Halo with Kinect, it is ok for some stuff but not others and Halo multiplayer is not one of those things

Eades2316d ago

Melee attacks would be sort of cool... doing the whole "hold the invisible gun" aiming thing would not.

DaleBoyd2316d ago

I'm just excited for the new multiplayer

DJMarty2315d ago

Finger pointing action


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