E3 2011: Catherine Hands-On Preview []

GamingUnion says "Unfortunately there's a very bad trend flying around the gaming world where developers will resort to creating games they think will sell rather than creating the game they want. Atlus is not one of these developers. From Persona to Trauma Team, Atlus has been able to capture fans with their gripping storylines and fun gameplay. Catherine is the newest title to explore new depths as an adult-adventure-puzzle-platfor mer-survival-horror game, quite the genre mix-up."

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ShawnCollier2584d ago

So looking forward to this game.

ElementX2584d ago (Edited 2584d ago )

I'm really not interested in this game. I could be totally wrong, but it looks pretty lame. I don't understand the whole climbing up a tower pushing and pulling blocks thing.

RichterBelmont2583d ago

If you actually read the article, you'd see there's a lot more to Catherine than just "Climbing a tower pushing and pulling blocks" :P

Can't wait.

ElementX2583d ago

Well I've watched videos online.

Hicken2583d ago

And exactly how much story did you get out of those videos? How much plot or character? Was it even in English? If not, did you understand the Japanese?

Geez, you're as bad as people who watch CoD trailers and say "Man, this game will be awesome!" without seeing a second of gameplay.

PsycheMax2584d ago

Who the hell approve WRONG LINKS?

dc12584d ago (Edited 2584d ago )

So true.......Need for Speed link attached.

mephman2584d ago

People who don't even bother to read things ¬_¬. At least the correct preview is in the updated link.

fozzness2584d ago

Read the update. Thanks.