PS3 Attitude - Modern Warfare 3 Preview

PS3 Attitude writes, "When it comes to videogames, the Call of Duty franchise reigns supreme. Whenever a new game is release, it shatters records, not just for games but for the entire entertainment industry. This is why the upcoming Modern Warfare 3 is such a big deal. We were able to get a firsthand look at some gameplay during E3; exploring just a few of the missions you’ll be tasked with."

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mrmancs2584d ago

could have been a big mistake writing this of so quickly, in seeing the pc version of battlefield running. but i'll be getting this and battlefield for my ps3 for sure. i wonder which will play better?

Dynasty20212584d ago

'A big deal'?


Couldnt care less about this copy-and-paste job.

Just go away CoD.