(Review of Games) Portal 2 Review

We have been waiting for about four years now hoping for a new one and it’s finally here. The second installment starts out with you locked in a room, just waking up out of a long sleep. You look around the room a little bit and lay back down and fall asleep for another 999999 days.....

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beast242tru2442d ago

not realli my kinda game mabe i shud try but idk

JimboG2442d ago

You'd be crazy not to try it. One of the best puzzle game and the funniest game i've ever played.

NukaCola2442d ago

It's one of the fluid and brilliant games the writing is outstanding. I love the ending song even more than Still Alive

RedDead2442d ago

I don't think it's all that...but alot of people do, try and maybe you will/

OhMyGandhi2442d ago

has some of the most clever, most witting dialogue I've ever seen. that alone makes it worth playing.