GP Opinion: Did LulzSec Steal Xbox Live, Facebook, PayPal, and Twitter Account?

GP Editor writes an opinion and analytical piece on recent hacking incident by LulzSec. "The hacking group LulzSec has gotten its name in the news a lot lately as it takes down site after site as well as various game servers. So far though, it's just been in all "fun and games", if one could call it that. Taking down a website or server is an annoyance and while may cause the host companies a good deal of wasted funds, it doesn't harm the end user. However, this weekend they released a statement to CBC News that they had obtained and released account information. 62,000 accounts to be exact."

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CarlosX3602468d ago

LulzSec is becoming far more annoying than GeoHotz, and Anonymous combined.

zeal0us2468d ago (Edited 2468d ago )

I don't know but I'm not willing to find out so I went ahead and change my password(s) anyway. Beside it good to change your password every now and then.