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TheBeast2254d ago

That was a rather short trailer...but this game will be awesome on the go.

DoomeDx2254d ago

Oh god why is it german? Why is this even approved when there is an english version of it

nikebee2254d ago

The advert in the god damn video was longer than the trailer

Redempteur2254d ago

tehy already present all of this in at least 2 events and many people already tried it ..

NOT fake ..

SuperStrokey11232253d ago

Didnt say it was fake, just that it seemed fake is all. No idea why, just seemed to lack the polish of a proper commercial

beast242tru2254d ago

dang i hope commercial isnt that show but sweet game and graphics for a portable

Etseix2254d ago

since when ads are longer than the own video itself?

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The story is too old to be commented.