Best Buy Matches 2 for $50 Offer

Yesterday Toys R Us offered a sweet deal that no gamer can refuse (1 of the games hasn't released yet). Of the 6 really good selected games, you can pick any 2 for $50. After looking over through some game deal offers, a popular forum, CheapAssGamer, has mentioned that Best Buy has matched the Toy R Us offer.


To clear the confusion, this is 2 selected games (LA Noire, Portal 2, etc.) for $50. Not $50 each, $25 bucks for each game.

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TastyTreats2498d ago

hell yea im gonna get some games

BiggCMan2498d ago

Gotta love competition. It's good for us consumers most of the time.

AAACE52497d ago

Just came from toys r us. The ad is not in their paper. It was only in email. The sale is kinda done. The games wouldn't register when purchasing. Manager had to override to give me the sale price. Signs were taken down as I was leaving. LA Noire sold out! I got last copy of Mortal Kombat on 360 and got Brink on Ps3.

mugoldeneagle032498d ago

We (I work at Best Buy) price match any store, at all times. So this isn't just for the Toys R Us deal. The only thing management tends not to price match are online only offers or smaller sites.

Like the article says just bring in the Ad or have them look up the item in store (or call)

AAACE52498d ago

Son of a b....! I was driving around earlier and considered stopping at these stores, but figured i'd go tomorrow!

Anyway, good info. I didn't know Best Buy matched prices like that!

Enate2498d ago

Went to pick up some a headset and bestbuy matched neweggs price.

WeedyOne2497d ago

!!!!!!DEAL IS NO GOOD!!!!!!!

Dont bother i just went to toys r us and they said it was a typo and the deal is supposed to be get a $50 gift card when you purchase 2 of the select games.

I then went to best buy to see if they would match the deal i had printed off this web site, they went on to say they dont price match "combo deals" They said they only price match if it is a single item.

!!!!!!DEAL IS NO GOOD!!!!!!!!

Spitfire_Riggz2498d ago

Is it both for 50 a piece or 2 games for 50 dollars together

DistrictMime2498d ago

Damn and I just bought both brink and f3ar from toysrus

Thesonygeniuses2498d ago

No harm done though, its the same offer at best buy. From what i heard, some dude bought $1500 worth of one game which made the game sold out online. It sucks for other gamers that wanted that game as well.

BiggCMan2498d ago

Is that legitimate or made up? Is there an actual news story about it? That's ridiculous if true.

zeal0us2498d ago

1500 thats only about 25copies of one $60 game, at the least

37 copies @40 dollars

25-37 copies online seem very limited amounted.

lol the story itself sound kinda bogus no offense

too bad for me I got most of them games excluding portal and brink which I don't want.

Thesonygeniuses2498d ago

I think its bogus too, but apparently that is the reason toyrus sold out on one of the games online.

frelyler2498d ago

Bogus, best buy always has the disclaimer with video game deals or other similar deals which limits the amount per transaction or customer. Otherwise other companies that sold video games would not order them in bulk like usual and instead would pilfer Best Buys stock. Urban legend and nothing more. (unless best buy messed up)

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Ravens202498d ago

Not every Best Buy price matches, for example, my best buy only price matches deals from

How lame is that

Spydiggity2498d ago

brink isn't worth 25 dollars.

Buff10442498d ago

I have a Best Buy and TRU right next to each other across the street. Round one...fight!

BiggCMan2498d ago

Do Best Buy, it's more man friendly and gamer friendly than Toys R Us is haha.

TheROsingleB2498d ago

I've got them in the same plaza as well. If one is sold out, heading to the other!
Picking up Fear 3 and L.A. Noire.

MrBeatdown2498d ago

Best Buy will only match TRU if TRU has both games you want in stock. When I went to get LA Noire and Portal 2, they called to verify that both games were in stock.

You could always get an employee who doesn't check, but if the employees know what they are doing, odd are they will, since they know this is a deal that will go fast.

-MD-2498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

I have a $20 gift card too... Hmmm.....

I'd probably get LA Noir and Mortal Kombat since the other games are on PC.

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