Halo: Incredible Illustrations/Artworks That Are Worth Your Time

GB: "Halo is one of the most respected franchises around. It has been Microsoft's flagship title for years and some may even say that Halo defines what the Xbox is all about. Today we take a look at some outstanding illustrations/Artworks of the game."

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Kon2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

This is how GamingBolt makes articles

1-Go to
2-Search the subject of the article(in this case, Halo)
3-Pick random images and add to the archaic gallery system
4-Put the article on N4G with an exaggerated headline

crxss2402d ago

dear Gaming Bolt,

it really wasn't worth my time.

Oldman1002401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

Hahaha so true. And this is how they make screenshot articles:

1-Go to
2-Find a gameplay related trailer for subject of article released 2 to 4 weeks ago.
3-Screencap scenes from said trailer and add to archaic gallery system.
4-Submit article to N4G with with exaggerated headline that involves the word "New".

KRATOS-PS32402d ago

The words Halo and Incredible do not fit at each other.

X_GAMER_X2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

You have been marked for trolling.
What is incredible if we go by your logic? your avatar pic? A Guy with stupid AI? Where every enemy is waiting in line to fight you? Where everyone is standing still and looking stupid til you finish one of them?

Please, If you think Halo is not good then why do you even waste you'r time in Halo articles?
Is it because Halo is so successful it starting to itch you'r ass? Or is it the fact that a expansion pack sold more then you'r precious game? Or is it that I can still log on into Halo 3 a four years old game and still find lots of people to play with, However other games(I don't wanna mention any but you know them) is totally dead after being praised and hyped to be the the Killer. Face it dude,Every Company is dying to have that ONE exclusive game reaching the 10 mill.Dying to have the Halo effect with loyal fans. Itchy isn't it?

KRATOS-PS32402d ago

Pretty nice story. Well, it still is not incredible. And yes, God of War actually is epic. Go and play Halo and let the true games pass you by.

X_GAMER_X2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )


Its not a story, Its called fact. Quality,Popularity, Sales, Loyalty , Great community,Great Story, Books, Anime, Record breaker, Many Halo killer who got killed, etc, etc.

I have Ps3 and 360. Finished all God of war games, Uncharted and killzone and every major PS3 exclusive. You say its epic its you'r opinion. I used to play mortal Kombat 3 with only ONE hand and still won over people, How do you think I feel about that dumb game?
Good games dos not have to be exclusive dude, Games are Games. Only PS3 fans brags about them on N4g lol.