TGH: Dungeon Siege III Review

TGH Writes: The tale of Dungeon Siege continues in the next chapter of this action RPG in Dungeon Siege III. It has been over six years since we last a true sequel. After switching both developer and publisher, Obsidian Entertainment and Square Enix hopes to keep this legendary RPG alive by expanding to consoles. So does Dungeon Siege III continue to give us what we need in a top-down action RPG? Or will it fail to impress this time around? Find out in this review of Dungeon Siege III.

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ShadyDevil2585d ago

This game is pretty fun so far, its not anything to laugh at. I don't fully agree with the score, but the points made were valid.

lpfisher2585d ago

I didn't enjoy the demo as much as i thought I would...still interested in it, but much less so.