DMC: Ninja Theory's Time to Shine?

GP blogger, FontainFuturistic writes, "Developer Ninja Theory can't seem to really catch a break. They have released two video games for the current generation of consoles, yet despite positive reception, the developer still seems to get outshined by almost everyone else out there. It's not that Ninja Theory produces bad games. Their work is great, but for some reason they haven't yet hit their stride. With the Devil May Cry reboot slowly coming to light, could 2012 prove to be the year Ninja Theory steps into the spotlight?"

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Seijoru2588d ago

More like the last nail in their coffin.

ZombieAssassin2587d ago

LOL this is the game that's making me hate NT, before this I thought they were great story tellers they just needed a little work on their combat as it felt a little bit slower and clunkier than most (which if it happens to DMC will be a shame).

Croash2587d ago (Edited 2587d ago )

Well I don't see why they wouldn't still be great story tellers.
We still don't know much about the game's plot, so who knows, it might be really awesome (as long as it stays true to Devil May Cry) and the cutscenes might turn out to be engaging feel just like HS and Enslaved's cutscenes were.

But right now, what they've showed us isn't convincing at all, which is a shame, really. Their way of talking about their game is just awful. Let's hope they don't mess up when TGS 2011 comes.

Burning_Finger2587d ago (Edited 2587d ago )

More like; time for the series to DIE!!

It's been ruined already.

DragonKnight2587d ago

NT are more like the B-Team of a great development studio. They have potential, but they still have A LOT to learn.

jc485732587d ago (Edited 2587d ago )

remember reading an article that they wished Sony gave them a hand with the development of Heavenly Sword as they were still a new company. Heavenly Sword is another thing I was mad about because I really liked the Chinese novel and it just seems like Ninja Theory likes to "reboot" almost anything else just like they did Enslaved, which is also based in another famous Chinese novel or Dragon Ball.

DragonKnight2587d ago

NT are good at motion capturing and story telling, but their game mechanics bite the big one. Devil May Cry was always about the combat, and combat is an area that NT have yet to prove themselves even adequate in. There is good reason to fear for the future of Dante under their control.

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The story is too old to be commented.