Bodycount Rated 15 by BBFC, 10 Minutes of Cutscenes

After being delayed, Codemasters’ spiritual successor to Black, the FPS Bodycount, is finally getting ready to come out this August. Ahead of the release, the British Board of Film Classification has rated the game.

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TheDareDevil2311d ago

Only 10 minutes of cut-scenes? I don't think this will be a story-heavy title.

BigWoopMagazine2311d ago

Hopefully this means a lot of time has been invested in making great gameplay...

Seijoru2311d ago

hahaha 10 mins. Reminds me of the PS1 age.

ftwrthtx2311d ago

Makes me wonder if some of the story will be told while actually playing the game. That wouldn't be a bad thing.

dbjj120882311d ago

Huh, this game keeps slipping on and off of my radar.

Tikicobra2311d ago

This game looks really cool, but the lack of info is causing me to lose interest.

joydestroy2311d ago

meh, all the info i needed was spiritual successor to Black with virtually the same team working on it

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The story is too old to be commented.