Resume lists 'Unannounced Console Project' for Rockstar, mentions 'mini-game system'

SystemLink: "You know the drill; we're talking about Rockstar, so get ready to drool over the possibilities of Grand Theft Auto V, Red Dead Revolution, or whatever other wonderful game they're cooking up. A resume for a Rockstar New England employee gives us teasing new details about their 'unannounced console project'."

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EliteDave932499d ago

Rockstar new england? Can only be Bully 2 they are working on unless its a new IP.

ShoryukenII2499d ago

I loved Bully. I remember the first time I killed (well K.O.ed) the Vice Principal. It was glorious. I had plenty of ammo for the prefects that followed too. >:D

Pikajew2499d ago

On the WiiU, PC and Xbox 360. It has to do with lots of online and the PS3 cant handle it


unknownhero11232499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )


give a troll attention is feeding it. so don't give the troll attention. I think pikajew wasn't being serious though.

stu8882499d ago

^ if he was taking the piss I take it back.

SquareEnixFan2499d ago

I really hope its Bully 2. I loved the first one.

EazyC2499d ago

Minigames- me no likeeee

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