Does Halo Anniversary Need Kinect?

RoboAwesome writes, "I’ve only played a couple early releases for the Kinect and I can’t say I was really blown away by the technology. I don’t think it’s refined to a point that would make me want to use it in conjunction with a shooter game although I would love for Microsoft Game Studios to show us otherwise."

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RoboRyan2437d ago

I think the option to play against people using motion control vs. a standard controller is a great idea. I don't find the idea of Kinect for a shooter appealing, although I'd give it a try. MS probably figures it will shut up people who claim motion control is only for casual games.

RedDead2437d ago

How does it work exactly?

tmoss7262437d ago

They haven't said, just that it will be in the game.

Army_of_Darkness2437d ago

I bet you anything that kinect will only be used for menu purposes only.

RoboSpiff2437d ago

EH, when Kinect was first shown and released i was super excited, but now i dont really care much for it.

Desert Turtle2437d ago

The problem with Kinect is that there's no way to control character movement. Games are limited to being on rails - just look at Star Wars Kinect and Fable: The Journey.

AronDeppert2437d ago

The real question is does Halo Anniversary need to happen? :P

palaeomerus2437d ago

Halo CE: Anniversary probably needs to happen more than Ubisoft's Splinter Cell HD trilogy (with no multiplayer at all) does.

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The story is too old to be commented.