Tales of Graces F And Abyss 3DS To Be Featured At Japan Expo

Since Namco Bandai's announcement earlier this year concerning the tentative release dates for Tales of Graces f and Tales of the Abyss 3DS in North America and Europe we haven't heard much from the company except that more information was "coming soon". That drought appears to be at a end, as the company has just released a new press release concerning their showing at this year's Japan Expo.

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Redempteur2530d ago

i hope we'll get more infos on the translation ..

Xof2529d ago

I hope TotA gets released soon.

Didn't really care for Tales of Graces f demo. I'd much rather see Tales of Xilia. I'm terrified Graces f will not sell well enough in NA, and Namco will decide not to bring over Xilia, which looks much, much, much better.

ShawnCollier2529d ago

The rumors are a Fall 2011 release (Winter 2011 for Europe), so you might not have to wait *too* long.