GR Breakdown: Kinect is Good for Gaming/Kinect is Bad for Gaming

Christian Spicer of Game Rants writes: "Microsoft made Kinect a big part of this year’s E3 but is the device good or bad for gaming? We analyze both sides of the debate."

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Emilio_Estevez2584d ago

Another article claiming the voice commands of ME3 and Tom Clancy's are somehow new and inovative.

Was a decent article besides that.

bebojet2584d ago

Voice commands can be done on a Bluetooth headset and that's exactly how they demonstrated it at E3. Kinect really needs some accessories like the PS Move.

DJMarty2583d ago

Wasn't voice controll shown on both PS3 and 360 before either motion controller was released using only a headset. It's nothing new.