Sony's 2011 E3 Presentation Was Boring

GameJudgment's Christopher GoodChild says,

"I do love my PS3 and I even occasionally play on my PSP so I won't listen to those of you saying I'm just a hater. I really was just simply bored by Sony's conference this year."

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JellyJelly2495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

But still the best of the big three. I expect more fireworks, so to speak, next year.

Just_The_Truth2495d ago

it was slow but the PSV's price took the world by storm and the new pstv was a awesome surprise can't wait. Wanted to see Sorcery and more Move games though.

despair2495d ago

ya I was looking forward to seeing sorcery myself, hopefully the game is coming alone nicely, but I'm glad there were less move games, no need to shove them down our throats, just keep them there as an option.

DatNJDom812495d ago

Article is kind of late for more PS3 E3 hate. That's pretty boring. And lame. Great job.

Drekken2495d ago

DarkCharizard_ Nintendo announce some crap that no one knew what it was for days after the event. To this day, specs are still unknown.

PLUS - All WiiU footage wasn't even really the Wii-U. It was the 360 or PS3. What a crock of BS. Keep being immature and blaming the mods. I am sure they are all down voting you too.

oricon2495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

It was a good conference for the western world in terms of games, but there wasnt really any new big reveals of games, and why did 90% of the games involve shooting seriously, it wasn't a good conference to me as im not in the fps/ etc genre, well i used to but grew tired of em, i wanted to see some last guardian oh well there's always TGS.

gaffyh2495d ago

@DarkCharizard - I'd agree with you, but Nintendo bored the hell out of me for the first half hour of their conference. Mainly because, I don't give a crap about Zelda music. The Wii U announcement was completely botched, I'm sure there are still people out there who think it is just a controller. The games that they showed though, definitely appeal to their userbase which is good. Even though I personally, don't like Mario games.

Sony's was probably the best, if you're thinking of getting a PSV, which I am. If I wasn't intending to get it, I'd probably say Nintendo's was better. Sly 4 announcement was great though.

pixelsword2495d ago

This article is boring.

*goes away*

nopunctuation2495d ago

Would you rather them to have spent 80% of the conference advertising a motion control gimmick? Sony did everything right this time. They even kept Move down to a minimum and focused on the games like you are supposed to do. The announcment of Vita and its price just awesome. The cheap 3D television was a suprise as well.

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NukaCola2495d ago

Nintendo was typical, New Wii already rumored
Sony showed off tons of already known stuff, Bioshock w/ Move&3D was cool.
Microsoft was horrible, Halo 4 was leaked early too.

SilentNegotiator2495d ago

Typical?! How dare you! There was Super Mario, a Zelda remaster, Mario Kart, some side promises to serve the hardcore, gimmicky hardware.....

.....oh. Right.

But uh......there was exclusive Lego GTA. So uh, yeah. Beat that.

Silly gameAr2495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

May have been boring, but the presentation actually had things that I was interested in.


Stick to the Nintendo and xbox tags. At least that way, I wouldn't have to see your troll a** comments.

-EvoAnubis-2495d ago

Was a bit boring, with not much I didn't know already. At least it didn't flatly piss me off like MS's did, or confuse the crap out of me like Nintendo.

And Ubisoft's conference next year better begin with a public execution of Mr. Caffeine.

ainsz2495d ago

I know, oh my god did you see that guy? Was that Ubisoft brainwashing the audience?

-EvoAnubis-2495d ago

Maybe it was subliminal messages the guy was sending. The phrase "Turn this shit off," kept repeating in my head over and over again.

user83971442495d ago

Same as Nintendo and Microsoft. This year's E3 was boring.

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