Cube World Uncovered; Minecraft/Zelda were Inspirations [Interview]

With little known about the game, DIYGamer got in touch with Cube World's developer to take an inside look at this impressive Minecraft/Zelda hybrid.

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ElementX2437d ago

Looks more like 3D Dot Game Heroes than Minecraft. I don't like the idea of procedurally generated quests. They'll be randomized fetch and assassin tasks.

mastiffchild2437d ago

Yeah, I don't see the random quests being a great deal of fun either-I fail to see just how avoiding he scripting is that much of a great thing in a Zelda inspired game as Zelda quests and side quests live because they're fleshed out by a writer into feeling more than the sum of their gameplay parts and, often, they ARE allowed to BE more than simple fetch or kill quests because a writer knows we get bored of the same things over and over anyway.

Naturally, he may have found an incredible range of quests to BE randomly generated but I'm yet to see many games, past more basic platformers etc, that can cope with randomly generated levels and do think this could mean boring stuff myself-hope I'm wrong and also hope someone else points out the similarities top 3D Dot as well as it's the most obvious me to me too, and much more so than Minecraft.

2437d ago