SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs Multiplayer Character Skin List

GamersLeak: We've been getting a lot of questions online that go a little something like this “OMG, how did you unlock the main character!?” or “OH MY GOD, I can haz .45?”. It’s time to answer those questions.

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Commodore2709d ago

If they were smart, they would have added the SAS Reaver from S2. BUT NO!!! They turn their back on the greatest game they've ever made.

Ravens202709d ago

I get more and more frustrated with this garbage every time I play it

Cenobia2709d ago


I had a lot of fun with it. It would be cool if they had a couple modes that slowed down the pace a little, but otherwise I thought the multiplayer was great.

hardcorehippiez2709d ago

must be getting your arse handed to you huh ? This game is very intimidating but once you learn the maps and move using cover so the snipers have a hard time fixing in on you this game plays great. ill be the first to admit its not like the other socoms but it is a good game . the community is growing and like all other socom games the community is well mannered most times . i like this game but i want zipper to bring back lean peak change shoulder and dot reticule along with old game maps and types such as extraction

iceman062709d ago

I totally agree with your comments. I too loved the older SOCOM games. This is not like those. BUT, it is still a load of fun nonetheless. I think that bringing back Extraction as a mode and some old maps would be the BEST way to garner support from long time SOCOM fans.

Ravens202709d ago

Not intimidating, this game takes no skill, it all comes down to who can camp longer than the other (looks at all the high level players/cowards). & the maps in this game are horrible.

Confrontation was way better. Apart from the bugs and glitches that the game had, it was perfect.

hardcorehippiez2709d ago

yea and i wouldnt imagine it would be hard to do . just imagine crossroads with updated graphics , that would be insane . please zipper bring back old maps and game modes and i will be one happy camper

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2708d ago

they had it in Confrontation, along with several of the other popular maps from earlier socoms. Sony and /6 were just kind enough to allow hackers/glitchers/cheaters to ruin that game as well so we would be forced into buying the next socom to try to get away from all the cheating douchebags.
F-U Luisi....we wanted Socom not Call of MAG: Rainbow Warrior!!!!

hardcorehippiez2709d ago

man the campers are easy to find . i know most of the camper spots already and confrontation had loadsa people camping in it as well but then again snipers to tend to camp a little . just be smart stay low and push forward to gain superiority on the ground and keep the opposition held back freeing you team the space to carry out the objectives. if you can learn to flank and come up behind the other team it sure does take them by surprise . i myself have been caught out a few times but it means if you travel in groups of four so you have to watch from all directions . as i said this is a good game in my opinion and the people i play with tend to agree. get into a good clan.

younglj012709d ago

Lol what da fuk I didnt even know there was a lvl 100.

I thought getting to lvl 70 on MAG was a pain in tha ass but damn lvl 100 gl2u ;)