Camping: Love it or Hate it, it's a Legitimate Strategy

"I should probably come out right now and say it: I camp. Not in all games mind, but in twitch shooters like Call of Duty, I partake in it quite frequently. Why? Well, it works."- The Stoned Sheep

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Fir3truck2555d ago

Hello my name is Fir3truck and I'm a camper.

FlipDock2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

Unless you're a sniper, I think camping is just a pussyfied way of uping your K/D
(P.S i dont camp)

Emilio_Estevez2555d ago

I camp when it's not detrimental to the team.

Focker4202555d ago

In real life camping is one of the best strategies. The ones poised and waiting almost always have the advantage. Mainly since there is no respawn.

Jdoki2555d ago

Camping is a legit strategy, I just find it hugely boring.

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