F1 2011 is set to push current consoles to their limit

Codemasters’ chief game designer Stephen Hood believes that the team behind F1 2011 need to be “cleverer” to get more out of current generation consoles.

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hennessey862560d ago

i hope that means no more choppy frame rate on consoles, otherwise great game

Agent-862559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

I think it is everyone's newest advertising slogan: buy such & such game because it is set to push current consoles to their limit. UC3 is pushing the PS3 to it's limits, GoW3 is pushing the 360 to it's limits, Crysis 2 and BF3 are pushing both consoles to their limits. OK, OK, we get it. If this is in fact true, then it's really time to be thinking of launching new consoles in the next year or two. Too many games are pushing the Or, you can game on the PC, like I do, and, then, the only limits are what your wallet can afford.

theonlylolking2559d ago

At least they say how they are doing it unlike Crytek.

earbus2559d ago

Day one loved the last game,cry on whingers.

neogeo2559d ago

yep just like Haze and Lair did.

whitesky2559d ago

honestly, I think devs need to just stf^ with saying this. Over, and over and over and over we hear they're making the exact same across all platforms or "pushing the limits" as far as they'll go, and 1% of the time tht turns out to be true.

And they wonder why gamers then get pissed off?

Either don't say anything at all or say the truth. No, I don't know jack about F1, but looking at the pattern..

xtreampro_REVENGE!2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

Why do you get offended by it? it makes no sense to be offended since this is what gamers would want from the devs in the first place. You would want them to push the consoles to their limits to produce the best possible game.

Would you want him to say "Well we're just doing the same thing we did last year"? of course not!. You're just whining because you heard others whining about useless things so you decided to join in.

You all just copy each other without actually thinking for yourselves, ask yourself why this is actually a bad thing?

Morbius4202559d ago

Would you want him to say "Well we're just doing the same thing we did last year"?

That would make it a Call of Duty game.

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