190° Killzone 3 From the Ashes Pack: The Retro Maps "Last week we posted preview videos of the first two maps from “From The Ashes”, the third DLC pack for Killzone 3. Today we’re offering preview videos of the other two maps included with the pack: Tharsis Depot and Radec Academy. If these names sound familiar, it’s because they’re re-imagined and revamped versions of the beloved Killzone 2 maps."

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Dart892464d ago

Great price for the 4 maps $4.99.

DoomeDx2464d ago

8 maps for 8,99 if you buy the bundle

NukaCola2464d ago

Free like last 2 packs with PS+....Jusy saying.

I love the trophy Turn Back Time for a rocket kill in Radec Academy. GG having a great sence of humor, when everyone called it Noobtub Academy

Istanbull2464d ago

Radec Academy in Killzone 3?????


Knushwood Butt2464d ago

Sweet, now all I need is a working PlayStation Store (Japan).

Focker4202464d ago

We'll see if they expand the layout of Radec a little bit. I sure hope so.

HeavenlySnipes2464d ago

because its Warzone only in KZ3 and Radec was a clusterfuck in KZ2 even with spawn grenades

Ju2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

Look at the comparison video. You see exactly what has changed. They use the same camera with a cross fade between 2 & 3. Radec Academy won't grow in size. That's the purpose of that map. CQC at it's finest.

2fk2464d ago

im very glad to see everybody's favorite map (radec academy)looks like hell swept over...i absolutely hated that map in KZ2 80% of the lobby was radec

-Alpha2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

That's because it was the best map to farm kills-- it was small and chaotic as hell. Very easy to spawn and get a kill almost instantly.

I think it was popular for that reason alone and not anything to do with actually being the best map. All K2 maps were great, Radec was just the smallest.

I'm so happy to see Tharsis Depot, though disappointed that they included jetpacks. I really want the classic maps without the mechs/jets but whatever.

It seems that they are done with Killzone 3 after this. I'd have loved to see Pyrrhus Rise.

SockMaster2464d ago

Yuck, Pyrrhus Rise was too big in my opinion. I loved corinith river though.

bloodybutcher2464d ago

yes,pyrrhus rise was a great map.but im just thinking if with permanent cloak ability in kz3 wouldnt it turn into was already like that sometimes in kz2.luckily i got to play mostly with ppl who actually liked to work more for their kills or objectives.

Wh15ky2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

Radec Academy is no where near the smallest map in KZ2, Tharsis Depot, Blood Gracht and Corinth Crossing are far smaller aswell as most of the DLC maps.

I liked the size and look of Pyrrhus Rise but was never a fan of playing it as it was always full of snipers because it's so open.

I sincerely hope they're not finished with KZ3 after this as we need more Operations maps.

hennessey862464d ago

when activision did this with cod4 maps on mw2 they were slammed but its ok if its a ps3 exclusive

Seijoru2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

They are completely remastered. The maps will actually be different too.

DoomeDx2464d ago

MW2 was $15 for 5 maps, including 2 straight ports.

Killzone 3 has a map bundle of 8 maps, for only $8,99.

-Alpha2464d ago

They weren't straight ports. But you are right about the price

cyclonus0072464d ago

2 new maps and 2 remastered KZ2 maps for a third of the price of 5 (new or remastered) CoD maps

or (if you don't have the previous packs)

4 new maps and 4 remastered KZ2 maps for a little more than half the price of 5 CoD maps

Very different from Activision.


Not to mention, the maps in MW2 still looked the same, lol.

Ju2463d ago

"remastered" is an understatement. They have been massively reworked to really showcase the technical improvements from KZ2 to 3 (which you can't claim for the CoD series).

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Zermeno_902464d ago

Speaking of remastered maps, anyone want a code for the retro maps?

electricshadow2464d ago

If you haven't given it away, I would love it, my kind sir!

Zermeno_902464d ago

There you go i PMed you, enjoy :)

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