Little Deviants not so little price

aGamingSite writes: 'People have speculated what the price will be for a PS Vita game. Well it looks like ShopTo have seemingly told us what to expect'

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sloth33952316d ago

on gamestops site they are listing Vita games at $40

blackburn102316d ago (Edited 2316d ago )

I don't undrfstand. Aren't Europian prices always more then US prices? If the games are $40.00 US did anyone expect the EU price to be less? I don't get what the article is trying to prove or say. @ Heartnet. Oh. okay. Not used to dealing with Euros so not sure what this means.

Heartnet2316d ago

GBP is not European price haha Euros are same as Dollas normally But GBP Shud be less..

Why a $60 game is £40GBP :)

KonaBro2316d ago

"This could be completely wrong of course, so don’t take our word for it just yet!"

Then why even try to spin it into an article? It's obvious it's a placeholder price while European shops are now trying to prey off of people's fears of high prices with "discounts" on prices we don't even know yet! Horrible article or should I say rumor.

telekineticmantis2316d ago

some games shouldn't be $40 Sony.

Darth Stewie2316d ago

I agree $19 worked before with Patapon.