Duke Nukem Forever Review (PlanetXbox360)

From the feature review:

"Twelve years. We’ve waited twelve long years for something – anything – resembling Duke Nukem Forever’s shambled development to be made into some form of video game. Last year, Gearbox Software got our hopes up when it said it was picking up the slack and finally making a releasable game for June 2011 release, and lo and behold, here it is, finally an actuality. Now comes the hard question that eventually must be faced – was it worth the wait? Well, according to several reviews around the net, no. Destructoid gave it a completely lackluster 2/10 score, while IGN was a little bit more kind at 5.5/10. We here at PlanetXbox360 decided to give it more of a fair shake, considering, hey, it’s Duke."

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nikebee2532d ago

It's over 14 years, they started making this game in 1996. Hell it's pretty much 15 years now.

Heartnet2532d ago

It got cancled somewhere in between then .. Then Gearbox(?) picked it up a few years after and continued development

nikebee2532d ago

Yeah your right, but when the review says "Twelve years. We’ve waited twelve long years for..." it's incorrect.

ShinraE52532d ago

This is a pretty fair core.

Its a fun game with some solid laughs, good gunplay, and some interesting levels.

I can't fathom the 2-4 range scores. And I wonder who many people who are bashing the game (comments sections of these reviews) have actually played it. I rarely see quality criticisms that reflect moments in the game, vice generic complaints.

MWH2532d ago

well said ShinraE5.

Excalibur2532d ago (Edited 2532d ago )


I place it between a 7.0-7.5
People are over exaggerating "how horrible the graphics are" Granted they aren't the best but they are very good last Gen/early this Gen.

The game mechanics are right in line with what we play now and it certainly has some very interesting and fun levels to play.

The game length is great, I've been playing it pretty steady (on hardcore) since the game has come out and I still haven't beaten the SP or even touched the MP.
I'd say I easily have 12-15 hours in the SP alone.
How can you bitch about that when medal Of honor got an average Metacritic score of 75% when the SP was 4 hours long on the hardest setting?

I really think the majority of the reviewers don't know what the heck they like or what is a good game.

My only real complaint is the load times, you will wait about 35-45 seconds between levels or dying.

InTheLab2532d ago

I've played the game and it's trash. If the title didn't have "Duke" in it, no one would be arguing over it's terrible score...which it rightfully deserves.

It's really a shame because the industry needs more creative shooters. Duke is a creative shooter at times, but the game is also broken and bland. Another 5 years in development hell might have done it some good.

Killman2531d ago

A 6.9 for a Duke game. Irony.