Hardcore PS Move Games Stay Relevant Thanks to This...

The PlayStation Move may not be the greatest innovation in this gaming generation, but Sony sure knows how to keep the hardcore gamers interested in the PS Move. Sony offers hardcore games with hardcore bundles — and continues to keep their promise by offering PS Move support to the games the hardcore gamers will find appealing.

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cochise3132409d ago

I think people really don't realize how awesome the move is for shooters. I love this thing.

MsmackyM2409d ago

The Move is awesome for shooters.Third party developers
need to stop sleeping on the Move for their shooters.
So far Bioshock Infinite is the only third party developer with big enough balls to use the Move as of yet, things are starting to look pretty good.

Ddouble2409d ago

Dust 514 has been confirmed to have move support as well.

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SilentNegotiator2409d ago

R3 has Move support? Awesome!

Pacman3212409d ago

I already have move and the navigation controller, does any recommend getting the sharpshooter?

fabod862409d ago

do it! :)
it's hell fun!!!

cochise3132409d ago

It's awesome. It's well worth the money and it works well.

DirtyLary2409d ago

Why not. It's the most exercise most gamers will get.

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beast242tru2409d ago

im not into motion gaming too much but this is a great deal and i think its time for me to get a move fore my ps3

Xof2409d ago

Move isn't an "innovation."

Learn what words mean, article writer!

HeavenlySnipes2409d ago

What other motion control uses a camera and a wand with lights to track movement in 2D and 3D?

Xof2409d ago

The mechanics of tracking movement are immaterial. Motion control is not new. Games using cameras is not new, either.

And new does not mean innovative.

You want to know what was innovative?

Dual anolog sticks.
Internal HDDs.

Innovation requries advancement--improvement. Again: learn what words mean!

Cenobia2409d ago

It is both an improvement and an advancement...

Do you need to look up the sub-definitions for words you used in your own definition?

Seventh_Blood_Reborn2409d ago (Edited 2409d ago )

@ Xof: "Innovation requries advancement--improvement"

Competitive multiplayer with motion contollers was a dream before Move.
Want more? With Move you can be competitive playing with/versus traditional controller players.

Never happened before = Innovative = "requries advancement--improvement"

jack_burt0n2409d ago (Edited 2409d ago )

Tired of so much stupidity, there is more innovation in a game called tumble on the psn than the whole of this gen.

You know about as much about innovation as an activision CEO.

Sevir042409d ago

Shhhh! don't tell him how 1:1 precision in motion controlled gaming is an Innovation, let alone the bare basics of what you just explained!

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