GamingOgre: Mount and Blade: With Fire and Sword Review

GamingOgre: Mount and Blade: With Fire and Sword attempts to create an open-world experience with RPG elements, putting you in the midst of political conflicts and wars. But does this horseback ride leave you all dusty? Saddle up and read our full review!

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Chewy1022528d ago

This isn't a good review.

WFaS was first made by a different dev team with the original M&B engine for the UK only back before Warband (WB)came out. Then Taleworlds re-released WFaS on steam in Warbands engine some years later.

For being an old niche game that was ported to another engine it's rather good IMO. Warband may be better but that's only because it has been getting TLC for a few years.

Like any other niche game. You have to give them time. 2-3 hours in a game like M&B will not tell you hardly anything about it.