Gears Designer: Wave of Hacking Makes it 'Scary to be a Game Developer'

Every other day there seems to be a new report on a video game company database or network getting hacked (Sega is the latest). It's as if the hacking community has found new confidence in the wake of the PSN disaster and become even more brazen, and that's created an environment that's "scary" to work in, Epic design director Cliff Bleszinski told IndustryGamers.

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Dart892589d ago

Wasn't this moron just saying we should praise hackers the other day??

GrieverSoul2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

yep! He was that moron.
But 2 days later some hackers trashed Epic´s forums and Clifford went bubu... :)

"Interestingly, the Gears of War designer noted that Microsoft's way of accepting Kinect hacks may have spared them the sort of massive attack that PSN endured; it goes in stark contrast to how Sony took away the Other OS feature on PS3, which displeased many. "I think you look at Microsoft and [how they viewed] them hacking the Kinect, they’re embracing it," he said."

OMG!! His this guy for real??? Microsoft didnt embrace anything!!! They just saw that has a way to make money by making it require royalty fees from developers. How stupid is this guy???!!!

JimboG2589d ago

He was praising how intelligent they were the other day.

joeorc2589d ago

embracing is it not?

well let me tell you a story about embracing Hackers

..Sony releases the only console out of the three out the gate that supported open source, an what do the hacker's that Sony embraced do?

YEA...Sony once again did not remove [email protected] Linux, How can you remove a feature that the end user had to install him self in the [email protected] first place?

Sony did not release the [email protected] PS3 with Linux pre-installed with the PS3..god that brick keep's hitting the people in the head but it keep's bouncing off their skull because it's so thick.

It was an option through...note again through the PS3's XMB.

That Sony own's an can an will remove or add to the XMB because once again that XMB even on the enduser's PS3 belongs to Sony, this is the same as with Windows OS the enduser get's a licence.AN Before anyone tries to Say EULA's are not enforceable yes they [email protected] well are.

Sony had no other choice to remove THAT OPTION OUT OF "FUTURE" ps3's notice "FUTURE" released PS3's it was once again never stripped outright off of your PS3..WHY BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE AGAINST THE LAW!

No it was an "OPTION" that Sony OFFERED IN THE XMB an once again the End user could indeed keep it. It was not about "It was too expensive" to maintain...Because once again the [email protected] enduser had to freaking install it themselves.

it was about the problem of plugging the Linux kernel that had no random key generator , an since the hacking community could refuse to update their kernel to "their PS3" Sony had no other choice!.

Sony is not against Hacking the physical devices the enduser buy's that is complete Hogwash

FailOverFlow pointed out this no random key generator very issue, it was not some clever part they had a direct influence in. it was there an people in the community found this out in 2008, the exploit dated all the way back to 2001, but they found out about it an acted like it was such a big deal they posted the info. they were being ghouls playing the PR bubble to the fullest , Im not knocking on their skill but also im not dumb. They were not fooling everyone.

yes embracing it does not always mean the Hacking community would not try to still screw you over tell that to the companies that do in fact support Open source software.