50% Off EA Games

EA is having a 50% off sale for select games on Origin, EA’s digital download service. This is great news for any PC gamers, and a video game sale worthy of converting a few console gamers to the PC just to reap the benefits.

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GregoryAllen2469d ago

I'll stick with Steam. Thanks though.

Charmers2469d ago

Pretty much this too, the terms of service surrounding Origin are horrible even a sale of 50% off isn't attractive.

LightofDarkness2469d ago

And only in the US, it seems, where there is less of a market as compared to, say, Europe. WELL DONE, EA, your majestic and piercing insight into the PC gaming market strikes again.

sonicsidewinder2469d ago

I've got BF2142, Dead Space and Crysis 2 on their service. But only because i bought them retail.

zeal0us2469d ago

Sucks man I wanted the 360 version DA:UE, argh well won't be buying DA2 until I fully get&beat DA and all its dlc.

TheFodi2469d ago

EA really seems to be trying to shove Origin down everyone's throat. Can't say I'm a fan.

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