Unbutton This: Portable Gaming In A Buttonless Future (Modojo)

Chris Buffa (Modojo): When it comes to handhelds, most people ask the same question: how long until companies go 100 percent digital?

We, on the other hand, decided to go one step further: when will hardware manufacturers ditch buttons entirely?

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Brian52472556d ago



Buff10442556d ago

I mean, whats the HAHAHA? It's already happened on the mobile side.

Solidus187-SCMilk2556d ago

you dont need precision or responsiveness when making a call, texting, sufring the web or playing angry birds.

you do need precision and responsiveness when playing a more advanced game.

Imagine in the future when touch screens are just as responsive as buttons. Well replacing buttons with a touchscreen/pad seems like it would cost alot more than buttons.

Is this guy a ipad fanboy or something? What true gamer wantss buttons to go away? What hardcore gamer would be confused by the thought of a PSV tht has all the touchscreen/gyro of an Iphone and the buttons of console combined?

basically this guy loves playing cheap low budget games with only touch and tilt controls of the iphone, LOL.

how can you complain about a PSV or 3ds that has ALL of the imput possibilities of the iphone and has far more since it has buttons as well?

This guy comes off as a very casual gamer who doesnt know much about how small and cheap Iphone games are compared to real videogames that cost more than 5$.

Iphone/pad gaming is very casual, psv and 3ds are made for gamers. People dont buy an iphone to play games, but they may play some cheap games on it. They will not pay even $20 for a bigger and better game because they would rather play casual games in short bursts.

perfectCarbonara2556d ago

What happened ? Crappy uncontrollable games came out ?

Yeah, I agree.

Ju2556d ago

I don't even know why we discuss this. An iPhone (or eq. Android) - half speed, < 5" screen - costs >=$500 (or a contract) vs. PSV $250. iPad ? >$500 (Androids start at $399 - Dual Core). I know I am not buying my kids a $600 toy - if I can get the much better one for $250.

Until now, I could possibly have agreed with that perception that phone games could have ruled the world. There was no competition; neither (3)DS nor PSP was a real competitor. PSV, however, is. I wouldn't be surprised if some will reconsider their opinion after that thing launches.

Solidus187-SCMilk2556d ago

when they dont want me to play videogames anymore.

donniebaseball2556d ago

I like certain touchscreen games, but I really want to keep buttons, thanks.

VampiricDragon2556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

never. Not even a possibility. Nintendo and sony will never have that shit. And they havent

frelyler2556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

Ever tried to play console type games with just a touchscreen. I have and it does not go well. Just play any old Mario or Zelda and the controls constantly get in the way. The n64 emulator does an even better job of showing why it doesn't work nearly as well. I play on consoles and hand helds with buttons because it's practical. Sure there are exceptions to the rule, but those are rare and the effort put forth by those developers is never emulated by others in a good way because most want the quick cash grab. There needs to be some sort of feedback besides a vibrating mechanism. Humans have hands that use touch as a way to experience things and need a tangible object to help relay between what the eye sees and the hands are doing. Kinect works (for the most part) because you use the visual aids to see and gauge your actions. Touch controls on a phone block the view and take you out of the experience. Touch controls will stay right where they have been, cheap cash grab mini games on cell phones. Unless they are coupled with something that has buttons like the DS, 3DS and Sony Vita.

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