Modern Warfare 3: The Most Anticipated in the Warfare Series

For those enthusiastic gamers out there, Modern Warfare 3 is certainly one of the most anticipated and talked about gaming series that is to hit our shelves this coming fall. Whilst the game is still in development, reliable sources have stated that Raven software and Activision studios are now the brains behind Modern Warfare 3.

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PhantomT14122589d ago

"the extremely interactive environment of Modern Warfare 3"

lol, wut?

hennessey862589d ago

I'm not a phsychic gamer, whats it like?

DaBadGuy2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

I am Carnac the Magnificent.

I have the envelope in my hand, give me a moment.

destructible environments...

better graphics than the previous installment...

a new gameplay formula for the first time since CoD4...

What are three things that Modern Warfare 3 will not have?

You don't need to be psychic. You've played CoD4, you've played MW3.

xAlmostPro2589d ago

It's only anticipated because it's the last chance for the COD franchise..

no_more_trolling2589d ago

stop hating
i personally wont get it

but u dont see me trolling every mw3 thread actin like little girls

PhantomT14122589d ago

Look at that article. A dozen of paragraphs that sums up to "MW3's gonna be awesome" with invented facts that doesn't add up anything to what we already know.

While MW3 could have some valid key-selling points, the article is just useless...

PhantomT14122589d ago

I just don't get how this article was approved more that the quality of MW3 itself.

RaptorGTA2589d ago

While I'm sure this game will sell very very well ..the feeling I get from my cod friends is a collective "meh"..yes they'll buy it..but their not to excited...I think mw2 was for us the most anticipated.

xtremexx2589d ago

i feel nothing for this game, i was excited for Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops but not this, im not sure why but this article needs to get off MW3's balls

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