Gamereactor UK: Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet preview

GR-UK writes: "The visuals are almost distracting us as we try and figure out what parts of the living pulsating world are enemies, and what we can interact with. And even if this is just the very first level where players are taught the basics of exploration and combat, it's easy to see where the inspiration Olson says was taken from Castlevania and Metroid comes into play. Another comparison we quickly draw is that the game plays similar to PixelJunk Shooter, even if it doesn't have mechanic of mixing elements to solve puzzles. The controls are as precise as they need to be in this kind of game and we are equipped with a gun, a claw and a scanner early on."

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TheDivine2527d ago

Man im super hyped for this game. Looks like pixeljunk and outland had a baby. Is this 360 only or is it coming to ps3?

lochdoun2526d ago (Edited 2526d ago )

360 only, it's published by Microsoft so it's not going anywhere.
But PS3 has Pixeljunk, we all win!

TheMART2527d ago


XBL only for the moment at least TheDivine.

Its looking really nice!