OXM: Why XCOM is a poor remake... but a promising shooter

OXM UK: "In many ways, the hard part of XCOM's public perceptions battle is over. With the gulf between the new game and its 1994 namesake painfully clear, we can focus on what 2K Marin may add to the hackneyed concept of a "thinking man's shooter", rather than which aspects of a decade-old PC title it claims to restore."

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dirigiblebill2587d ago

Is there any reason to slate this game right now other than that it patently isn't X-Com? Thought the recent trailer looked great, myself.

lazertroy2587d ago

When it was 360 exclusive we weren't hearing all of this lol.

NYC_Gamer2587d ago

people who played the original been complaining about these mainstream changes

Active Reload2587d ago (Edited 2587d ago )

It was never a 360 exclusive.

Edit: What retard disagreed? Enlighten me on what I'm wrong about.

Kon2587d ago

No. Fans always complained. You always make baseless comments?

NukaCola2587d ago (Edited 2587d ago )

You mean to say "When it wasn't coming to PS3"? It was a PC game too. Wonder if the next Metro will get the same treatment now that it's on PS3. Never interested anyway, the concept looked cool, but the graphics and presentations were atrocious. I think the original Xcom fans are pissed this reinvention is bollocks.

dirigiblebill2587d ago

Anybody think it's possible they'll farm out the turn-based tactics side of the franchise to some other developer, perhaps for a handheld release?

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Jdoki2587d ago

Feels like this game is just cashing in on the XCOM name, but if it's good... I can live with that!

Dlacy13g2587d ago

Here is the problem, X-com isn't a "remake" of the original X-com. It's a re-boot / re-envisioning of a take on the game canon. It's the X-com universe / concept taken to a FPS shooter and they are plopping in some tactical elements to keep tradionalists happy.

Tikicobra2587d ago

This would have been so much better as an RTS.

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