Phil Harrison: 'Apple will be the games industry' writes "We've heard that the future of games is in digital distribution, but ex-Sony veteran Phil Harrison thinks there's a good chance Apple will become the entire games industry in the next ten years."

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Solidus187-SCMilk2587d ago (Edited 2587d ago )

if he really thinks that then there is a chance that this guy might be retarded.

Come talk to me when a 60$ or even a 30$ big budget game sells even 100 copies on an ipad/iphone. Come talk to me when they have more than just a touch pad for imput. Never will happen.

He says the future isnt necessarily about giving you a peice of hardware "but giving you a storefront, navigation, discovery, a business model and user-interface." Correct me if Im wrong but dont our current consoles already do this? The App store, arrived after PSN, XBLA, and Steam. Apple is not the first, they are just the ones who focus on selling very cheap games to casuals.

If someone is serious about gaming, thay are not going to be content with just an ipad or iphone. As far as portable gaming goes the 3ds and PSV can do anything the ipad/pod can do. not only do they have digital distribution, touchscreen, and cheap casual games, they also have real controls and big budget games. Those are two things that the idevices will not ever have, real controls and big budget games.

saying gaming on ipads and iphone is the future of gaming is like saying that free flash games on the computer will replace big budget games back in 2000.

kaveti66162586d ago

You seem more retarded than he does.

It has been shown now that the "casual" market for games is several times larger and several times more profitable than what you consider to be the gaming market.

Harrison is a businessman. He's talking about Apple's ability to make the most money out of the total gaming market, which is dominated by games you would never touch because you and people like you have to live up to some macho hardcore stereotype. People are willing to pay 3 dollars here or there to have fun with a game they can easily pick up on their iphone or iPad, and those two devices are very popular and very accessible.

In a few years, if Apple so chooses, they can control the lion's share of the gaming market.

radphil2586d ago


You realize you'd be playing Farm Maker #22 after a while if the industry turned into what Apple is on their focus of games.

They use it as just a platform for Sales. They don't give a rat's *** about the quality of them. As long as it nets money through the Apple Store, they'll allow it.

thewhoopimen2586d ago


Actually Radphil I predict the opposite. Apple is focused to the point of paranoia about what gets on their app store. And if you think Apple developers don't give a hoot about their product, then you are just as wrong. Games like any apps in the App store are instantly commented and rated upon right away. If you want to make your millions selling a great app, you'd better come out with something good, cuz apple customers are spoiled silly.

fossilfern2586d ago

There are some great RPGs on the Iphone/Ipad and they are far from casual. I really do think apple are relevant in the handheld market but the only downside is no physical buttons

radphil2586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )


It's not the apple devs, it's those that they allow onto the app store.

I'm talking about Apple as a whole in the sales department too, how they play the numbers game fiercely. Comparing a $0.99 app to a $50-60 game and calling it as if it's the same form of quality, when people get that same form of .99 entertainment for free from Flash Sites.

Thing is, if they expect them to be on top, then they need a lot more manpower on the store's app procedures, because I STILL see things on there that are getting a lot of sales when they really shouldn't, because people see that $1 tag and have in their mind "I guess it couldn't hurt to get it. If it sucks, no big deal", where as you have that x a million at least, and that sends a message to those that produced it, that it's ok, rather than improving on that.

Solidus187-SCMilk2586d ago

Im just saying you wont find the same types of games on an ipad/ipod as you will on consoles/gaming handhelds. And you wont.

Most people who buy ipad/iphone are not looking for the same types of games that the "games industry" mostly consists of.

LOL who are you to tell me what I play or not. Im not saying these games cant be fun, I enjoy simple games too. When did I say im too "hardcore" for these games? Just saying that simple games are not exclusive to ipad/phone. You wont find many deep, big budget games on these devices.

Notice that Phil said they could become "the entire games industry" in the next 10 years. LOL

Sure, in 10 years the "entire gaming industry" will consist of simple touch pad games that cost less than a $10.

Im not denying that these small games are a growing part of the industry or that apple is the biggest seller of these games. And I even enjoy them, im not a hater like you seem to think. Im just sayign that Phil is way wrong if he thinks apple will "be the entire games industry" in 10 years with these types of games. You think people will suddenly stop wanting full fledged mario, COD, Gears, uncharted, MGS, AC, Bioshock, FF, GTA, ETC. You think activision will stop selling COD games to sell some $3 games? You think MS, SONY, and NINTENDO are going to give up because .99 cent angry birds sold alot of copies?

Fact is the video game market is full of 40-60 dollar games, and those will not sell or work on a ipad/iphone. Maybe in the future but I doubt they would sell on the app store at all.

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dcbronco2586d ago

As we approach the point where a tablet can have desktop power, the tablets and portables will take over. And Apple is a major player in that market. But so is Google. If they come up with a real controller, they could take over. Tegra 3(Kal-El) is running full blown PC games on a tablet and also runs 1440p video. Tegra 4 is already in the works. Five years from now there won't be a difference in what you get on a home console and what you get from a tablet. So there is no reason to think that the market can't switch. Plus you have to realize that tablet and ipods are a much larger potential market. There are hundreds of millions of ipods and ipads in the wild. more than any individual console. And the numbers are increasing a ton every year. Developers will follow the money. They won't dump consoles by any means. But there will be far more people making casual games than there will be making AAA titles.

But didn't this guy hawk Blu-ray as the future too. Now he thinks it's dead.

ATiElite2586d ago

PC already has this covered. hundreds of F2P games and MMO's are coming out using the Free 2 play format with micro transactions.

Then you have browser games such as Facebook and others that use Flash which we all know Apple doesn't use. Sure they have a HtmL 5 variant but it's not widespread yet.

Apple makes a nice chunk of change selling games through it's App Store but they are far from a "Games Leader" as all of their popular titles are on Steam or can be found else where on a PC.

Apple is not entering the Games Market other than selling Games Apps on iPhones and iPads is about it and for every game app sold on ipad or iphone I'm sure Steam sells almost the same amount on Steam Mac.

Pikajew2587d ago

These people still dont understand. People buy an iphone so they can call people, people buy ipods for music and people buy ipdas because they are popular

etowntwo2586d ago

Just about every kid in my family now owns an iTouch for the games.

And they all want an iPad for gaming.

meetajhu2586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )

i told you people not to buy apple products. Apple owners are so dumb it makes every industry dumb.

thewhoopimen2586d ago

If Apple products are so dumb, why do almost all the user interfaces these days between Android, Apple, WebOS almost all work the same? Does that mean everyone wants to go dumb toO?

egidem2586d ago

It's not so much as that Apple owners are dumb. I would call them rather foolish because they believe everything that comes out of Apple's mouth.

For example, Apple's market share rose significantly with the release of the white iPhone. The fact that Apple takes an already existing product and just paints it white and people eat it up like their lives depend on it just speaks volumes about Apple's customer base. This also caused a small riot outside the Beijing store (

Another thing is their brand image and loyalty. It's what sells every freaking thing they put out there. Their user base is huge, very huge and foolish to the point where they'll buy anything that Apple sells. Apple will take a single feature (that someone else has already done) and then call it revolutionary innovation from them. They'll introduce folders, multitasking and facetime and call it all MAGICAL!

Apple will go very far in order to protect their brand image. For example customers are lead to believe that believing that their Macs are more secure than Windows because they won't get viruses. Here's how they're handling the recent malware stuff (

hiredhelp2587d ago

Ief onlfy you guys new the hardware they use youll realise, all it takes is for them to create a proper console with lol controller. Amd at a decent price.
For thoes of you with your head between your legs. Even the normal macs run on itel cpu's
The ibm use ibm Arm" chips witch now the ngp are having , infact been using for sometime.

By the way im typing on my ipad as i use it everyday. Find it handy to play on poetable device that can last upto 10hours on full charge. Weather playing games going online playing mp, or just browsing N4G..

FragMnTagM2586d ago

HAHAHAHA At a decent price? Your talking about Apple the same ones that charge exorbitant amounts for their computer hardware. Same parts as a PC, but double and even triple the prices for the same specs.

Yeah, I don't see that happening. Their console will be an overhyped turd like all their products.

If they become the dominant force in gaming, count me out.

Ju2586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )

Xoom 32GB...$599
Iconica10 32GB...$499
Tab10" 16GB...$499
EePad Transformer 16GB ... $399

Ipad will have a hard time. How is the browsing coming with all these plugins disabled. LOL ;)

BTW: All of those in that list beat the iPad2 in every respect.

Apple wanted to be in gaming since forever. Maybe a powerful AppleTV could change the landscape. But it just won't happen. If that ever will take of, the next wave of clones will be Android based GoogleTV boxes which will beat the shit out of it again.

Maybe that is the future of gaming right there and Sony/MS/Nintendo will need to go, who knows.

thewhoopimen2586d ago

@ju if it was all about strictly product pricing, don't you think the third parties would have already won by now? Its been a year and no one's coming close to the numbers Apple is selling. perhaps its a little bit more than hardware price and hardware specs don'tcha think?

Ju2586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )

Well, doubt that. IPad lost market share against Samsung 7" Tab dramatically. Reason being there was just no competition. iPhone is loosing market share against Android phone like crazy right now. The exact same will happen with the iPad. Fat years for Apple are over.

They need to expand. Hence their desire to build on the AppleTV market; rightly so. But Google is not stupid. They already see that coming. Android based GoogleTV is just that answer to that - incl. app store and games platform.

Tablets have their distinct market - (pure) gaming it ain't. Apple usually has one year head start; competition is catching up fast. Unless Apple is releasing a Quad core iPad3 next spring, they will be overtaken the same way the competition beat the iPhone with current dual core phones.

Apple has nice tech, but as one company they will only lead for a certain amount of time. An open market will sooner or later run over it. There will always be one manufacturer which wants to push the boundary. That can only happen if there are multiple companies - not one (Apple is a monopoly).

Funny is, it is Apple vs. Google; not Sony, not MS, not Nintendo.

And no, I don't think tablets will replace consoles. Open media terminals will.

Also kind of ironic is, that MS introduce the XBox to counter Sony's dominance in the living room.

Eventually both will feel the stiff competition from Apple & Google.

hiredhelp2585d ago

AS I SAID" ill stand by it if its at the right price.

KingPin2586d ago

lets hope they dont name it iTouchKidz.

with a name like that, it wont sell as well as they would want it to.

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