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Ravens202252d ago

Looks badass, is this SP only? I heard it's only an 8 hour game

banjadude2252d ago

As far as I know, yes, only singleplayer.

AllroundGamer2252d ago

i finished it in about 6 hours on normal difficulty...

AllroundGamer2252d ago

i will :) hope my upgrades will stay in the new game.

Rampaged Death2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

Got my copy pre ordered. Suda + Mikami should create a bad ass game.

Baddo_Ekkusuchi2252d ago

only 8 hours? cmon, thats pretty decent. compared to other games with 10+ hours of sp campaign which tends to get boring. 8 "cant put this controller down" hours is more practical to me

andron6662252d ago

Looks fun. Dark and violent shooters are always good...