Far Cry 3 dev on game narratives: “almost no-one” can get great performances

PC Gamer speak to Far Cry 3's narrative director, Jason Vandenberghe about how Ubisoft captured the performance of Vaas, the sadistic maniac that starred in the Far Cry 3 E3 2011 demo. Mo-cap technology was used to capture body and facial performances simultaneously, allowing the directors to " play it as a movie."

However, Vandenberghe says that technology alone is not enough. “There are techniques in acting and performance that evoke great performances," he says, "and there are techniques in acting and performance that evoke good performances. The industry has gotten really good at getting good performances, almost no-one can get great ones.”

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Kleptic2531d ago

That is all fine and great except Uncharted, as a franchise so far, has had better acting and writing than 85% of films released in the same time frame...

I guess that is why the term 'almost' is included in his quote...

GamerSciz2531d ago


Not to mention they are doing the voice over the same time as motion capture which requires even more skill.

NukaCola2531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )

Arkham Asylum
Alan Wake
LA Noire
I think this gen has provided some stellar performances

PhantomT14122531d ago

Erm, I think lip-sync is more difficult than shooting face mocap and recording the voice at the same time (well, that's traditional acting + beans and golf ball all over your face/body).

Reznov in Black Ops was very good too although I doubt Gary Oldman took the time to shoot performance capture for the game and only did voice over (which defies the purpose of performance capture but the lips were very well synced and Gary Oldman's performance fit perfectly with the facial acting):

Captain Qwark 92531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )


dont forget

gta4 ( game still sucks )
red dead
god of war 3
ratchet and clank
heavy rain

( sony in general since alot of thier action titles typically have very good stories )

to name a few more, when a dev wants it they get it. simple as that.

jony_dols2531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )

Yeah Gary Oldman (BO) & Kiefer Sutherland (WAW) have did a great job on the COD series. As did J.K Simmons & Steve Merchant on Portal 2.

But of course the daddy of great video game performances is Nolan North and the Uncharted cast!

Far Cry 3's devs need to stop making excuses if they have a crummy narrative and hire sub-par voice actors. Great games aren't just about having quality graphics...

BlackKnight2531d ago

Wait, how can you say "doing voice over the same time as motion capture" is harder than in movies where they speak AND move on camera?

If ANYTHING, it's easier with mocap because they can just edit the animation that was recorded to make a minor tweak instead having to shoot another take....

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X-Zone2531d ago

After FarCry2 this guy is trying to condescend on the rest of the industry? LOL!

TheGameFoxJTV2531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )

Ok, fair enough. But what they showed in the demo backs up his point perfectly. Way to be stuck in the past.

Edit: and FC2 wasn't even that bad. lol

Baka-akaB2531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )

but it wasnt any good in particular when it comes to game narrative .

Sure they can get better , but until they've proven themselves , his opinion on that field seems moot . Especially when most hits of 2010-11 makes him looks like a fool here .

TheGameFoxJTV2531d ago

True. the were quite a few games with decent narratives this and last ear.

PhantomT14122531d ago


I think the E3 demo alone was a proof. It wasn't just about the performance (which was marvelous) but also how they achieved to bring scary atmosphere in this heaven-like tropical environment.

Clayman2531d ago

The man speaks the truth.

JellyJelly2531d ago

Rockstar sticks out imo.

sonicsidewinder2531d ago

I wish Jack Carver was in this.

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