NGN: Halo CE Anniversary Preview - E3 2011

New Game Network: "Since backwards compatibility was always a hot topic for this generation of consoles, publishers have found creative ways to get around the problem. Some released downloadable classics, while others, like Nintendo and Sony, have began re-releasing their most popular franchises as an HD remake. This has worked out quite well for those who’ve never had a chance to play these games, and are now able to do so with improved graphics and on their next-gen consoles. Microsoft has now decided to follow up with an HD remake of their own, with Halo: Combat Evolved. Titled Anniversary edition, the game will feature the full Halo campaign just as players remember it – with a fresh new look."

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SuperSaiyan42558d ago

Purchase for me!

And for those who keep saying I am a Troll I think you should get your head examined because its kinda pathetic when you yourselves are on here as well replying!!! So a bit hypocritical!

I only lost my bubbles because I was being stupid with silly foolish remarks against the PSN being down, yes see unlike most of you I have at least admitted that I did wrong.

I own both the 360 and PS3 so I am not biased at least I can say I own both oh and I have a gaming PC which I built so yeah.

moparful992558d ago

Never been a halo fan so this isn't for me but I love the idea of taking classic games and updating the visuals and performance and adding extra features in all for a sweet price...