gamrReview - Trenched

Trenched is the third game in the line of smaller downloadable titles from the developers at Double Fine, and represents Double Fine's first attempt at designing a game for cooperative play. They have done well at this and Trenched successfully blurs the line between being designed for cooperative gameplay and for singleplayer gameplay with its unique blend of tower defense and third person shooting coupled together with four player online coop.

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kthsdlr2313d ago

Good read. Good information. Well done, sir!

Torillian2313d ago

Sounds interesting, Stacking was pretty great so I wish this one had come to PSN as well. Oh well, next time Double fine, next time.

Rainbird2313d ago

"next time" would be the Sesame Street game for the 360, I think you'll have to wait a little longer. :-P

Torillian2313d ago

oh I played that at E3, cute but I'm ok with missing out.

Lavalamp2313d ago

It looks like a lot of fun, but I hope that it offers at least some challenge, even with multiple players.