Prey 2 E3 2011 Preview [Shogun Gamer]

Ian Fisher writes: I’m one of the 25 gamers who played the original Prey game for the Xbox 360 back in 2006 that thoroughly enjoyed it. Prey may not have been 100% amazing and it was a bit gimmicky at times, but it was a solid FPS effort that thankfully was released before the dudebro era came along. Due to my fandom of the first Prey game, I opted to end my E3 experience with a closed presentation of Prey 2 since I was intrigued by the open-world design the game is aiming for yet I was still a bit pissed about the new protagonist (Prey 1 hero Tommy merely plays a supporting role). We hadn’t seen much of Prey 2 prior to E3 aside from a few live-action trailers but after seeing the game in action I think I’m completely sold on the concept of playing a human bounty hunter in a completely alien world with shades of noir.

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SuperSaiyan42502d ago

1 of the 25?? I am pretty sure that there were more than 25 people in the world that played and enjoyed this game *rolls eyes*

NukaCola2502d ago

Prey 2 is nothing like the first one though. A fresh start and it's looking badass as ever