Amazon's One-Day Video Game Sale

Amazon has been slashing prices on video games and putting up great sales for the past week, and tomorrow they’re going to have a whole day dedicated to video games sales. Amazon has quickly developed a reputation as a great place to get cheap video games, so we can expect some very low prices for games as they’re featured in the Amazon Gold Box, Amazon’s featured deal section.

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lolpidian2497d ago

I was upset with Amazon a few years ago when they refused to send games to my country. Now they are sending it and I am all in for their sales. Their packaging and tracking systems are great.

GregoryAllen2497d ago

i'm going to be broke after this summer, aren't I?

coryok2497d ago

if the summer releases dont take all of your money, holiday releases will

Lavalamp2497d ago

Fingers crossed for Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 being on-sale!

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