Fantasy Analysis - New Final Fantasy XIII-2 Screens

Dan Curtis of Gamergaia writes: A number of screens have just hit the net showcasing Final Fantasy XIII-2's battle system, which appears to be extremely similar to the older one with a few bells and tweaks add in every so often for good measure. Luckily I'm here to tell you exactly what's changed and what hasn't, you lucky devils.

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jmobley2589d ago

cannot wait for this game, want to find out why they think lightning is dead

Darrius Cole2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

Final Fantasy 13 MINOR SPOILERS

I want to know what the hell happened to Snow. I thought him a Serah were married, or at least getting married. I know he never gave up on her throughout all of FF13. Suddenly she is running around with this brand new joker. I get that they think Lightning is dead but that doesn't explain what happened to her husband/fiancee.

keith-ps32588d ago

i bet they wont even tell u in this game i bet it will have nothing to do with ff13 the only reason to play this game is for the fighting just like ff13

Redempteur2588d ago

Well , if they think lighting is dead , then this mean something happenned AFTER the final event of FF13 .

If they take a NTR route , then i'll lovethis game beyond doubt.

TheFodi2589d ago

I like that FF is always trying new innovations for battle systems, but sometimes I just miss the classic turn-based combat.

lolpidian2589d ago

The latest FF was boring, the online one was terrible. I hope this one will be good or I won't be buying any other FF title until they are in the cheap-stuff basket.

HeavenlySnipes2589d ago

versus is taking long to come. That means they are actually creating a game world unlike FFXIII-2 that will once again just be levels

Tdmd2588d ago

For the lengh of this development, Versus XIII could very well takes place in two different worlds.

X-Zone2589d ago

rubbish analysis 'not a lot to see here'

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