Medieval Moves: Deadmund's Quest Preview by was able to get their hands on the upcoming Playstation Move title, Medieval Moves: Deadmund's Quest, during E3 2011.

In their preview they focus on the gameplay mechanics and talk a bit about what we can expect to see when this game is released exclusively for the PS3 later this year.

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sorceror1712561d ago

My kids would love this. Speaking of, any word on 'Sorcery'?

forevercloud30002561d ago

This and Sorcery look killer for the move but I need one thing answered before I will buy it. Is it on Rails??? :/

forevercloud30002561d ago

grrr, then I no longer want this game. Rails are only good for when in an arcade and I don't want an arcade like experience for over 60bucks.

NateCole2561d ago

No its not on rails. Haven't you guys played the other games?.