The Nintendo Wii U tablet controller needs some changes writes:
I’m sure by the time Wii U launches some time in mid-2012 there’ll be a few design changes that were implemented since the big reveal during E3 2011.

However until that happens, it’s up to us to nitpick while we still can. In this entry I’m going to go into some detail on the U Controller’s features, what needs to change on the controller and why. Some of it will be things that are universally agreed upon, other things will by really nitpicky, but whatever.

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mike1up2437d ago

Nice article!!!
ive read elsewhere the controller is suppose to be really light and comfortable, but, i have my doubts. I cannot see something that large staying comfortable over an hour. My biggest fear with this thing, I buy it on day 1 and a couple months later they revamp the controller (i.e. original X Box).

Oh yea, Wii U totally needs to come in black.

ZoidsRaven2437d ago

I'm sure the tablet is a prototype.
The only changes I want is new colors. 7_7

Herminator2437d ago

I agree with a lot of your points, and I also hope for them to upgrade the screen to capacative, multi-touch, though that might drive up cost too much.

_CoD-Pro_2432d ago

this guys blogs are horrible!