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Jason Trent with GoozerNation writes: "When big titles are releasing as often as they do, it can be pretty tough to find the time to really invest in a multiplayer experience. Every now and then there’s a short lull, usually lasting only a week or two, when I can play something in my back catalog. Normally I opt to go with a single player experience, because that’s more of my play style, but ever since the Gears of War 3 beta, I’ve had an itch for more, and since that’s not really a possibility until this fall, I settled on Gears of War 2 to feed my cravings. Getting into a game’s multiplayer this late into its life can be a frustrating experience, especially when the player base is as serious as it is with games like Gears, but for whatever reason, I decided that I needed to be competitive, and so away I went."

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2fk2559d ago

i dont think i can go back to gears 2 because gears 3 beta ruined it for me...i absolutely cant wait for gears 3.

Raven_Nomad2559d ago

I agree 100%. The Gears 3 beta ruined Gears 2 for me because I got so used to using the lancers and actually having fun online in a Gears game.

HacSawJimThugin2559d ago

I went back, I got less than 15,000 kills to Seriously 2.0 and I'm determined to get them all. After that I'm done...I'm one achievement shy of all of them so it's hard to quit when I'm so close. The beta really spoiled me 2 but I gotta keep my skills sharp!!

2fk2559d ago

haha yea i feel u i was thinking about going back but i dont want to miss gears 3 even more.

esemce2559d ago

Gears 2 feels so clunky and laggy after the beta but i still play it now and then. Can not wait for #3.

Gears3 + UC3 + BF3.

Thats my online sorted.

SwiftShot2559d ago

GoW2? lmao no thanks.
I will just wait for GoW3 then suffer with the online on GoW2, Ill go play some random games until September 20th.