Ridge Racer Unbounded: Devs “honoured to be bringing the series to the PC”

Ironhammers: We had the chance to ask a few questions of Producer Joonas Laakso about the decision to create a PC version. To which he replied, “fans would not forgive us for not releasing the new game on the PC! We’re honoured to be bringing the series to the PC for the first time.”

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NYC_Gamer2528d ago

waste of time since they wont be pushing the hardware

Raptura2528d ago

Ridge Racer is still around?


Farsendor12528d ago

im still happy that ridge racer is coming to pc that was one of my favorite games for ps3.

bumnut2528d ago

I would be willing to forgive them for not releasing it on PC, Ridge Racer is terrible.

TreMillz2528d ago

Lol yea honoured till your game gets pirated to death

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