GAME Top 10 Chart: Duke Leads The Way

GB: "The latest GAME charts are in and Duke Nukem Forever is at the top followed by Legend of Zelda. Check out the full listing below:"

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Droid Control2588d ago

Duke Nukem Forever is crap, but I'm really enjoying it. Its great to be Duke again after all these years.

Squall50052588d ago

I can't wait for the sequel in year 2067

LarVanian2588d ago

I probably won't be able to play it by then due to a bad case of arthritis :(

FlashXIII2588d ago

Im pretty sure I read somewhere that the top 10 chart in GAME was just games they were trying to shift stock of. I could be wrong though

Disccordia2587d ago

Generally these charts are paid for by publishers

2588d ago
EazyC2588d ago

It's still nice to see people not buying games based soley off reviews for once.

I wonder if DNF wasn't actually DNF would the metascore be....LOWER?

I was expecting IGN to give it 10....

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