Might Team Fortress 2 Go Free To Play?

While there are rumours flying around about Valve’s DOTA 2 project being the first in-house game to embrace the free-to-play model recently made possible on Steam, there seems to be (scant) evidence that another title could be beat it to the accolade: Team Fortress 2.

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WhiteLightning2558d ago

Honestly with Steam works of the PS3 this could of been an amazing game to own. Shame they thought of it too late. Might just have to wait for TF3 in the far far future.

aquamala2558d ago

This has nothing to do with ps3, only way to access steam on ps3 now is inside portal 2

WhiteLightning2558d ago

Yeah that's what I'm's a shame this game isn't on PS3 WITH steamworks since it means we could share content with PC owners

beast242tru2558d ago

if it dose im getting it just downloaded champions online its aight but team fortress would be nice

LycanSoldier2558d ago

480 billion copies sold eh?
That's pretty impressive considering the world population is far lower than that.

Other than that, seems like a good move on Valves part if it's true.

Ducky2558d ago

Urgh, doesn't that mean that there'll be even less teamwork in the game now?

Kon2558d ago

480 billion copies lol

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