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Emilio_Estevez2531d ago

Video has me interested in this game now, really want to see a gameplay vid.

fluffydelusions2531d ago

There is a gameplay video floating around from a while back but game does look interesting for sure. Can't wait.

mantisimo2531d ago

Thanks R21 + bubbs looking more silent hilly than the recent silent hills

am very interested now.

Wolfie2531d ago

very nice music, reminds me Silent Hill! can't wait

godsinhisheaven2531d ago

This looks more interesting than Downpour, IN MY OPINION.

Hazmat132531d ago

wow nice cant wait to play

Raendom2531d ago

EH?! I thought this was delayed. Oh well, awesomely awesome and this'll be the first game I buy since PSN went back up.

CGI-Quality2531d ago

It was delayed. It was originally supposed to come out this month. Now it's not releasing until September.

Anyway, nice preview!

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The story is too old to be commented.