Top 10 Video Game Dads

"Yes, it’s cliched, but this is Father’s Day. So let’s give credit where credit is due and honor some fathers who went above and beyond for their children."- ChaingunPope

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ATiElite2408d ago

Got dam you Valve! i've been dying to get some pay back on the Combine and especially that Advisor that killed Eli. Why are you delaying my vengeance? Release Episode 3 soon so I can have my revenge.

Good List!

PureDarkness2408d ago

Yeah I thought Ethan Mars was a great Dad... Oh no wait he lets one kid die and the other get kidnapped...

maxcavsm2408d ago

Well, technically, he got himself run over to try and save his kid and somehow still manages to lose him, so...:)

Carnage2408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

LOL Two of the characters on this list were also on the worst dad's list.

But I do totally agree that Eli Vance was probably one of the best Video game dad's I have seen. (I was so pissed when he died) ((Speaking of spoilers I wish he didn't reveal too much about the characters, *Red Dead*))

newn4gguy2408d ago

Usually, we put the word "spoiler" before the actual spoiler.

Thanks, man...


newn4gguy2408d ago

Ethan Mars is a great dad.