Capcom Calendars Get Steamy and Heroic - Now Available For Preorder

If there's one thing Capcom does right, its give us plethoras of gaming babes wearing incredibly revealing outfits that, while not practical, are pretty enjoyable to look at. Well, with this in mind the gaming publisher is to release two calendars this year, the first of which is dubbed 'Sexy' and showcases the Capcom babes in a number of provacative poses, while the second is entitled 'Heroes' and includes all your favourite Capcom gaming heroes including Megaman. Both of these calendars are now up for pre-order, so get ready to decide whether you'd like demon girls with massive backsides hanging on your wall or instead you'd like some less provactive Capcom males adorning your noticeboard.

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TheFodi2498d ago

Nothing says manly like a sexy video game character calendar.

ares21al2498d ago

OK that Screen Shot IS NICE!!?!!!!!!\

DarkBlood2498d ago

ok i like ass to a certain extent but i can not tell where the ass starts and ends on the girl on the left of that pic o.o or where the legs even begin cuz its like and ass and leg fusion or something

lol i dont know what i was saying apparently

GiggMan2497d ago

I think you are trying to say Batlady got back.

DarkBlood2497d ago

maybe so but i wouldnt know the saying lol :P

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