Video Game 'Freebies' - Where are they?

With the recent Zelda Soundtrack issues, Gamer Gaia explores the lack of other 'freebies' coming with video game releases these days, giving a short list of what they want to see from some future releases.

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Cronus31662588d ago

I remember (and still have some place) my copy of Lunar and all the extra crap that came with that game. Sound Track, Cloth map. Games just don't do that kind of stuff anymore.

pixboy2588d ago

Even CE's are rather stingy... unless you spend over $100 or so. Still, I'd like to see some love for Fans... rather than 'what will they pay extra for?'

TheFodi2588d ago

I like the idea of freebies, but I don't think I'd ever go out my way to get a game because of them. I think that's why you don't see them offered much.

jmobley2588d ago

I want cool free stuff, like maybe a hat, or a cookie

GregoryAllen2587d ago

I'm all for free stuff, but i'm never going to ask "why aren't you giving me more free stuff?" when looking at a game I care enough about to actually want to spend money on.

Eades2587d ago

I like the cool stuff you get with legendary editions but that you actually pay for. Then everyone else and their mums doesn't have the exact same thing.

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